6 creative ways to fill your home with art

6 creative ways to fill your home with art

Art is everywhere. Everyone is able to purchase different pieces of art and place them in our homes and gardens. Art gives you the option to personalise a room and help set the mood that you want for that particular room. There are so many possibilities when it comes to how we can fill our home with different pieces of art. You can use galleries of prints or sculptures and even natural pieces from the garden can help you create friendly art for your home.


  • No window above your sink? Everyone loves a window above their sink but not every home has one. Find artwork that represents the seaside or a beautiful sunny day that embraces blues, greens and yellows to place above the sink to create a feeling of a window view.
  • If you want a salon styled art arrangement, then you can create a gallery wall by starting in the centre and working your way out. Stick to low palettes here with tones of white, black and tans so you don’t overwhelm the room.
  • Anything you find can be created into art. Driftwood is a popular art that is used in many homes. It has a powerful effect but works well on its own for a simple appearance. You can create lamps from driftwood or add pieces of driftwood onto your wall above your couch.
  • Children love to bring home their art. We have trouble finding ways to display their art. A simple way to display their pieces of work is on some clipboards that can be lined up on a wall or clustered together to create a gallery wall.  You can use different size clipboards for a different visual effect.
  • If you have tight areas, consider a vertical arrangement so you can still create an eye-catching focal point in your home even in narrow places. Black and white prints work well in these spots, so it is kept simple and doesn’t have too much going on.
  • If you love mosaic tiles or enjoy creating artwork from mosaic tiles you could always mosaic your bathroom or laundry floor, then add a protector over the top to ensure your artwork is protected.


There are so many options when it comes to filling your home with art. The special thing about it is the fact everyone is different, and each person has a different view on what art actually is.

Some people will tell you art is capturing the perfect sunset, others argue art is painting with slips and slops dumped all over the paper, maybe art is the drawings and paintings the kids bring home from school, art has even been known to be a rustic college of sticks or a huge piece of driftwood nailed to a bare wall. The possibilities are endless, which makes it all the more exciting and fun to see what other people interpret art as and how they include it within their home.


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