Five Questions to Ask Before buying that artwork

Five Questions to Ask Before buying that artwork

Do you find your walls are blank and look like a hospital room? You are having trouble getting that homely feeling in your house? Most often the cause is the lack of artwork brightening up the room, creating a talking point with visitors and giving the walls some life. Some people buy art just to sit and look at, for a feature point in their home or to make a profit in the long run.
Owing original artwork can create more enrichment into your life for both you and the artists to know their artwork is being admired somewhere around the world.
Whether you are looking at buying original artwork, famous artwork duplicates or art from your local artist there are a few things you need to take into consideration before buying.

Have a think and ask yourself a few questions before agreeing on a purchase.

Does it fit with you?

Is the piece you are wanting to buy going to be a good fit for you. Will it fit where you want it to go? Does it go with other artwork in your collection? If you are buying from an art gallery most of them will allow you to leave a deposit, then take the painting home for a week to see if it fits in with your home and whether it works with your style or not.

Is the price fair?

If you don’t know much about the artwork and what pieces are worth you should consider getting in touch with an art consultant to help you determine whether the price is correct for that particular piece or whether you are simply being ripped off. If you are wanting original artwork pieces, they can also help to determine the authenticity of artwork to ensure you are not paying for a fake.

Is the piece a true authentic?

If you really want to get technical then a scientist can study the painting and work out whether the materials used at the time the painting was done fits in with the materials that were available then. Collectors that sell artwork should sell with a certificate of authenticity and a provenance of purchase that can help with buying insurance, reselling and appraisals. If you cannot be provided with these it is best to steer clear of the seller to avoid buying fake or stolen goods.

Look at the condition

Is the artwork in good condition for the asking price? If you have doubt about the asking price and the condition check with a conservator before making any such purchases. Some famous or original paintings are still worth loads of money even if they are in bad shape.

Is the seller legit?

Do a little research here and double check the person selling the artwork has the right to do so. Even local artists sign their work so if they claim to be the owner ask for identification. Some artwork that you buy may infringe other party’s rights so check into this before buying to avoid any problems later on. You as a buyer may have limited rights if the artists still retains any sort of moral right to the piece of artwork.


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