What is the right way to choose art?

What is the right way to choose art?

When it comes to choosing artwork for your home it can be a little confusing and you may struggle to find a starting point when deciding what to look for.

There is artwork out there for budget lovers or for those who want to invest in the big stuff.

Consider the scale:

Your scale can make the room or break it simple as that no in between. When you are buying a piece of artwork you need to take the size into consideration. People often impulse buy. They see an item, love it and buy it.
Once they have got the painting home reality kicks in and they realise there is nowhere to put the picture. You don’t want to put a small piece of artwork on a huge white wall but then again you don’t want to put a huge picture on a small wall that it takes up too much room and takes away the visual effects of the art itself. If you tend to impulse buy take some measurements with you of sizes that would work in your home. If you are buying a duplicate most times, there will be different sizes available. If you are buying from a local artist, ask if they can do the same painting in a custom size that just suits you.

Go with your instincts:

If you find a piece of artwork that you truly love, then most often you will find a place for it. Art is a personal choice so be sure you personally are picking out the art you want for the particular room.
Don’t just pick the first piece you see as remember you will be looking at this picture every day in the home you relax in. having artwork you dislike in a room can make you feel negative about the overall room. Make the space interesting for you and your family. Put in the artwork that would suit your family. Your home is all about you.

Social media to source artwork

If you are wanting artwork from local artists, the best place to source it is social media. Places like Facebook offer pages for people to advertise their work and sell it. You can be surprised at the talent that is lurking out there that just has not been discovered yet. Etsy is a good source for local artists along with Instagram.


Most towns have art specialists and they can be a good source for finding the right artwork, souring out the legit sellers and determining if the artwork is genuine or a scam. Local exhibitions and art galleries can also be a good source for artwork. It is important to make sure you have done your research when it comes to buying artwork to ensure your paying for what you think you are getting.

Sadly, there are art scammers out there selling fake artwork so be sure to get certificates with the artwork you purchase and always check reviews on local artists to get a feel of what they are about.


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