How to find that unique piece

How to find that unique piece

People often think that the most unique pieces of artwork are expensive and found at famous art galleries and exhibitions. This is simply not true. In fact, the most unique items are found in the most unique places.

Garage sales

Garage sales or deceased estate sales are the perfect place to find unique art pieces. If the person was elderly they may have art pieces from when they were little that they have hung onto all this time. It can be hard to modern unique pieces because they are the latest trends to be created all art lovers and followers all have the same piece.


Etsy is a great source for different art pieces. Etsy has affordable options and most times you are buying from an artist directly so there is no fees in between and no middle man.


What better way to find the most unique art pieces than to create them yourself. You can find all sorts of different items that can be repurposed into art. Old sticks from the bush can be collaged into art and even seashells from the beach can be put on foam balls to create decorated balls. Repurposing old and outdated goods to create something new will ensure you are not only helping mother nature but you are creating a piece of art that is like no other.

Buying online

The internet has soared as technology has grown and the web has now become a source for pretty much anything. Not only does it supply us with all the information we need but we can access buy and sell pages, social media sites and online galleries which are all good sources for buying artwork.
Buying art online has grown significantly in the past few years. We are seeing more quality work being put out there from unknown artists that you didn’t know existed.
The best thing about buying online is you can take your time and really research the pieces of artwork you are interested in. Buying online means you can really research the seller and check out their credentials and past reviews to ensure you are buying from a legitimate seller and not one who is selling stolen or fake goods.
Grab a cup of your favourite coffee or tea, sit back and relax and take your time searching the web for unique items The web is huge you have unlimited sources at your fingertips.

Little paper planes

This is a community group of collectors and artists that sell artwork and help to promote new artists. You can find photographs, sculptures and paintings. Prices are very affordable.

Local art shows

Local art shows will have some unique pieces whether you are searching for paintings or décor items you intend to display as art in your home. Local art shows are a good way to support people in your local town and help them to grow their artwork business.


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