Monday, 25 Oct 2021

How to connect with your clients

Anyone who’s been in business for a while will know the scenario. Some customers and clients become firm favourites – friends, even – while others are the people you avoid taking calls from – swipe left. An astute business person will usually have a sixth sense about someone they do business with regularly. This is […]

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architectural cladding

Architectural Trends That Don’t Go Out Of Style

There are a few architectural trends that stand the test of time The trends in architecture continue to change. Sometimes it is due to a new innovation or a new building material. Often it is a style harking back to a generation before but with a modern adaptation. There are, however, some architectural trends that […]

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mad max film

Mad Max film to kickstart the regional economy

After the events of 2020, there is finally some good news for New South Wales job seekers and our regional towns. Australia’s regional towns are expecting an influx of jobs and a few celebrity sightings, as it has been announced that the Mad Max franchise will be filming in New South Wales next year. The […]

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book shortlist

The Stella Prize 2021 Winner Announced

The Stella Prize winner has been announced for 2021 and truly showcases the trials, triumphs and changes that have occurred over the past year. With over 160 entries in the beginning, the judges narrowed it down to the top 6, before selecting a winner. Conversation topics ranging across race and discrimination, pandemics, gender equality and […]

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Sustainable fashion

The Environmental Impact of Fast Fashion

Sustainability and environmental awareness are issues that are becoming increasingly discussed. Individuals are becoming more considered in what they purchase and the impact that these items could have on the environment. Many of us are trying to implement even small changes in our everyday lives to benefit the planet. These can include measures as small […]

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Natural material interior design

Interior Design Trends Predicted for 2021

Every year we discover new trends that are changing the interior design world. Whether it includes unique wire furniture, a bold colour or a fantastic piece of art; interior design can be encouraging to all of us. Year by year, we are inspired by the past and find new, unique ways of modernising it. This […]

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Virtual Museum

Virtually Tour Museums Around the Globe

For those who appreciate the arts, history, science, and cultural importance, the global Coronavirus pandemic may have you left feeling rather disengaged. The closure of museums and the inability to travel means we are limited to Netflix documentaries, movies and online articles. It’s just not the same as walking the hallways of the most wonderful […]

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Top 5 Secrets to getting an art grant

Bringing in income from art can be challenging. This is especially true for those who have more unconventional methods and those artists who are not commercially viable.  The best thing about the art world is the fact there are plenty of ways to get funding for those who show talent and promise in the art […]

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filling homes with art

6 creative ways to fill your home with art

Art is everywhere. Everyone is able to purchase different pieces of art and place them in our homes and gardens. Art gives you the option to personalise a room and help set the mood that you want for that particular room. There are so many possibilities when it comes to how we can fill our […]

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5 questions to ask before buying art

Five Questions to Ask Before buying that artwork

Do you find your walls are blank and look like a hospital room? You are having trouble getting that homely feeling in your house? Most often the cause is the lack of artwork brightening up the room, creating a talking point with visitors and giving the walls some life. Some people buy art just to […]

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how to choose art properly

What is the right way to choose art?

When it comes to choosing artwork for your home it can be a little confusing and you may struggle to find a starting point when deciding what to look for. There is artwork out there for budget lovers or for those who want to invest in the big stuff. Consider the scale: Your scale can […]

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how to find unique art works

How to find that unique piece

People often think that the most unique pieces of artwork are expensive and found at famous art galleries and exhibitions. This is simply not true. In fact, the most unique items are found in the most unique places. Garage sales Garage sales or deceased estate sales are the perfect place to find unique art pieces. […]

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